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FashionCart has the advantage of a single, centralized management centre that allows you to control each and every single detail about your styles and the data pertaining to your retail and wholesale activities.

Managing Your Styles

  • The Styles section of FashionCart's management interface allows you to manage every single one of your products’ details, from their colour to the inventory. Various tools are at your disposal so that you can build and organize your catalogue efficiently. An overview of all your styles allows you to rapidly find the information you are looking for in order to modify any characteristic.
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Manage your Online Store

  • FashionCart's online retail management interface allows you to view your reports by date, style or category as well as review your invoices and client lists. It also allows you to customize your homepage and content pages in order to adapt them to your brand. You can also easily manage your shipping costs by selecting the destination countries and adjusting the costs accordingly. The management interface also allows you to create promo codes according to various parameters such as the exclusion of new arrivals, a begin and end dates, or a rebate in $ or %, and more. You can also offer gift certificates using this management interface.
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Manage your Wholesale

  • FashionCart FashionCart is a unique tool to view and manage your orders online thanks to the management interface. You can review at a glance and in real time all the relevant information pertaining to your clients’ orders. It also allows you to modify, resubmit or delete orders that have already been placed. FashionCart also allows the creation of detailed reports on the quantities ordered for each of your styles by displaying their detailed value according to the region and currency.
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