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Managing Wholesales

View and manage your orders directly on the web thanks to your management interface and access all the relevant date pertaining to your clients’ orders at a glance.


  • A general overview of your orders allows you to see the latest transactions in each of your categories. You can see the invoice number, client name, transaction date and total purchases. All this information can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Clicking on an order to see more details will give display the style number, name, colour and quantity purchased.


  • The Group page allows you to create groups of buyers that will be impacted by various price types. For example, you can assign CDN prices to buyers from Québec, but you can also create customized groups and price types for certain buyers.

Group Reports

  • Group reports allow you to see how many styles were purchased by each of your client groups, sorted by item category. You can see the total sales for each of your client groups in each of your style categories.

Size Reports

  • Size reports allow you to see the number of sold sizes for each of your styles. The information displayed is the style number, the quantity of each size and colour and the total number of styles sold according to style and size. By clicking for more details, you’ll see the invoice numbers, client names, and purchased colour and size for a given style.


  • Here, you can view all of your clients’ information: name, email address, their status (active, closed, prospect), the price group or groups to which they’re associated, billing and shipping addresses and invoice history.

Price Management

  • You can create different price categories according to your groups, regions or clients and assign them a currency.

Client Connections

  • The Client connections page allows you to view which clients have connected to your wholesale module and when. This information is useful to follow up with your clients. You can view their names, the date of their connection and the browser used to access the module.